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I fall but I try...

I need someone to understand.

31 January 1989
-I’m known as Christy. Full name being Christina. I perfer Christy though. :)
-I'm pretty full of awesomeness.
-I LOVE music, it's my life.
-I tend to be a pack rat, and never throw anything away.
-I love to laugh. Though I have been through my fair share of hard times.
-I'm pretty level-headed, but I can get mad easily with the right juice.
-I don't go to college right now, but I plan to start in January for Radiology.
-I am passionate about a lot of things. One of the most important is my dogs.
-I'm an artist, and I write (a little.)
-I hate not being able to see my best friend on a daily basis. She's my life.
-I also love my laptop. It goes absolutely everywhere with me.
-I love driving. I do it a lot.
-I am a Christian, and do believe God is my savior.
-I could spend all my life on Wolfhome. It's one of the many loves of my life. :P
-I tend to love watching movies, this is a great way to strike up a conversation with me.
-I am a pretty amicable person.
-I grew up not knowing my biological mother.
-I have a brother and a sister I don't know.
-I regret too many things.
-I believe people can change.
-I know for a fact, karma is a thing, and it's bad.
-Tiffani is the only person allowed under my umbrella.
-I hated my high school, there was too much drama.
-I'm extrememly open minded.
-I could watch "South of Nowhere" all day. INCLUDING the scenes with Spencer and Ashley.
-I try not to let other people get to me, but fail all too much.
-I absolutely hate close minded people.
-I hate people, who think that people don't make mistakes.
-I hate people who think they own the world.
-I'm a screw up to most of my family.
-The sister I grew up with hates me.
♥OHKAY. Bye.